ATM Park Hato, Aruba

This ATM park, located at Hato in Aruba, got the bright colors of Color Kinetics. The 32mtr span of the Canopy needed to lit up from the sides. The powerful ColorGraze PowerCore Fixtures with an angle of only 9 degrees. This will 

Color Kinetics
ColorGraze IntelliHue

Graze is a high-performance, exterior linear luminaire designed to highlight architectural features ranging from surface textures and molding details to archways and windows. Graze IntelliHue utilizes Color Kinetics IntelliHue technology to produce millions of saturated colors, pastels, and high-quality white light, in the same precisely controllable luminaire. Multiple luminaire lengths and beam angles support a large range of façade or surface illumination applications. Low-profile housing, connected cabling, a universal power input range, and direct line-voltage operation make Graze luminaires easy to install and operate.! 

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PHILIPS Essential Projector 
ColorBurst IntelliHue

This very efficient projector/floodlight from the Philips Essential series with honeycomb technology takes care of an evenly spread light distribution. 
In this project uses to illuminate the top middle framing and the living green walls on the sides of the canopy.