Engineering Services!

We Engineer & Supervise

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

We provide engineering services for all your Mechanical, Electrical en Plumbing needs. With more than 15 years of experience and working with international standards and regulations, Time Line Services is the place to go to. We try to keep up with all latest technologies in able to serve our clients well. 

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We offer 2D and 3D engineering

Depending on your needs we can offer you 2D AutoCAD drawings or we can do 3D engineering with Revit


We strive to perfection in our engineering department.

 Therefore good preparation of any project is essential...

Value Engineering

We understand that financially the sky isn't the limit. 
We like to engineer with that in mind...


Construction never has been and never will be easy. We can assist you in supervision of your construction to make sure you get the quality you pay for...


We understand that time is the most precious thing we have on this earth. Let's not waste it.
We work as efficient as possible...