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We love the exposure we've got from Business View Magazine. It gives a good impression of what we do, where we come from, and where we are headed to. The partnership we have with Signify (former Philips Lighting) lets us do the most amazing projects supported by a large team of professionals in lighting design. 

The article mentions current challenges the Caribbean is facing in the difficult times of COVID and how lighting could be a part of the solution, 

We as Time Line Services can operate in the whole Caribbean and are happy to work with different local partners for installations.

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Top Quality in Project Lighting 

We offer top quality lighting and lighting desin for any project. We carry the top brands in lighting and controls from Signify, the world leader in lighting, with brands as Philips, Philips Dynalite, Color Kinetics, InterAct and much more. 
Time Line Services is an official Value Added Partner of Signify which guarantees knowledge and service.

Philips takes care of a wide variety of high quality commercial lighting

The high quality of Philips lighting has a wide variety of offerings for every project. Whether your looking for commercial, retail or industrial project lighting we have it all.

Dynalite Design Controllers for better control of Lighting Systems

The offerings of Dynalite which can control and monitor DALI as well as DMX and/or 0-10V lighting is the most scalable control system out there. Airports, Skyscrapers, Luxury Homes... Dynalite is suitable for every need. 

InterAct IoT

Solution trough

Cloud Control for 

the most versatile 


Smart Cloud based solutions for Offices, Hospitality, Sports, Landmarks, retail, Cities and Industry. Controllable Lighting  has never been so clever. 

Deep Saturated Color Solutions by CK 

Dive into the Colorful world of Color Kinetics. The most saturated colors can be reached with these products. 
Luminous Textile, OneSpace, ColorBurst, ColorGraze are just a few products in this range.  

New in our portfolio is Cooper Lighting 

Recently acquired by Signify, Cooper Lighting with all its sub-brands is a welcome expansion to our portfolio. We can offer these products against competitive pricing and with a local guarantee on all products. 

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Signify Value Added Partner

As a Value-Added Partner, we are committed not only to sell the products of the Signify brands, but we also have the required knowledge of the lighting products n our offerings. That includes the proper knowledge to implement, program commission, and service all the control systems we can offer with our lighting products. This partnership has an extended value to our customers as we receive constantly updated training about these systems. 

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MEP Engineering 
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From idea to construction

We provide Multi-disciplinary Engineering services. Any kind of technical services. We can turn your technical ideas and needs into reality. Our engineering department has over 15 years of experience. We have good knowledge of most European and American technical standards and regulations. 

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Have questions?

We are happy to answer all your questions regarding our services and sales. On the right here we have some FAQ's. You can always reach us by phone and mail or you can send un a message by clicking the following button. 

We are located on the island of Aruba and work mostly from our office there. For our lighting and lighting controls we serve most part of the Caribbean. Our engineering department serves clients mostly located in Aruba but gives support to our lighting department outside of Aruba.
In general, with a few exceptions, we only do commercial projects at the moment. You can always contact us if we can take on your project.
No, we don't. Every project is different and we will make a proposal based on our clients requirements. Prices of stock items in our lighting portfolio are reviewed every quarter. In order to give you the best and most accurate prices, we will provide you with a proposal.
Delivery times can vary depending on the availability locally and from the manufacturer. Some items can take up to 16 weeks to arrive, We will inform you before ordering what the delivery times will be.