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Project Lighting Design and Engineering

Of course we can just sell you our high quality lighting, but we would like to do more... To make sure you buy the correct lighting for your project needs, we can offer you our 3D design and calculation services. This will give you a visualization of 
what your project will look like and ensures you that it will be according the international standards. 
Our engineering department can help you if any modifications are required in your electrical installations.

3D Light Renderings

With our specialized software we are able to present you with 3D imaging of your project with our light design. 


We would need to receive the floor plans in AutoCAD or IFC files to be able to make the proper light calculations and design


Making 3D images is a time consuming and highly specialized service. Depending on the size and your commitment to purchase our Signify luminaires, we can present a proposal. We do not make lighting designs with luminaires we don't sell.

Energy Savings 

Let us inform you...

We design with energy savings in mind... and let's be honest... energy savings sounds good to anyone. Most people hear 'money savings' and that -of course- is the result of an energy efficient light system. However...there is more to save than money.

One of the reasons why we love to work exclusively with the Signify brand luminaires, is that Signify is one of the few global operating companies that has reached its Carbon Neutral goal. 

For you as a customer the saving of energy is not the only way to save money. Changing to LED or purchasing high quality LED luminaires can reduce your maintenance cost as well. Adding smart controls to your lighting will reduce the energy consumption even further. InterAct, for example is a wireless cloud based platform that let's your light communicate with each other and easily connects to a building management system.

We can make a return on investment calculation for your project. In general switching over from conventional lighting to LED gives you a return on investment of approx. 2 yesrs.

We Implement!

Get us involved for the implementation of your lighting systems. 

We're not just done after a sale!

Modern lighting systems have been designed with the comfort of the user in mind. That usually means that on the installers end it gets more complex than it used to be. The technology behind the systems have evolved quickly, which without the proper knowledge can make it difficult to install. We as professionals are there to help implement the systems and train the installers. 

We are happy to work with you!

If you are a contractor, we will be happy to work with you. We can give you the proper training to be able to install the lighting and we are ready to help you with the implementation of all the systems. Together we can do it!