Uncle Louis Store

Dated from 1950 this is one of the buildings that are protected by monument care... 

A bit of history...
"Uncle Louis Store"

This building was designed around 1950 by Jan van Nagel. It is an example of the American Art Deco mixed with the so-called New Building Style (Nieuwe Bouwen). this monument was and is still known as Uncle Louis store, a store where fabric and accessories from Europe were sold.

In 2017, Monuments Fund Aruba purchased the building from the government of Aruba. In 2019 SMFA started the restoration of this protected monument. The project ended in 2020 en Uncle Louis Store is now the office of the Department for Nature and Environment management.

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An old building with the latest technologies in Lighting...

Philips SpaceWise.
Light where you need it, when you need it...

In Uncle Louis Store we implemented the SpaceWise 
System of Philips. Controllable wireless lighting gives you 
the flexibility to set the right lighting level for each
specific area 
within your office space, while also allowing workers to personalize their own settings, thereby also
enhancing their well-being and comfort. You can
achieve all these goals while making significant
savings. Philips SpaceWise gives you all the flexibility
you need and installation is easy. There is no need
for expensive and complicated rewiring. 

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